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Santa Monica Medical Plaza Pharmacy

If you are in the Santa Monica area then you should look no further than Santa
Monica Medical Plaza Pharmacy and Compounding for all of your pharmaceutical needs!

CALL NOW : 310-393-6767
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Santa Monica / Culver City / Beverly Hills / Pacific Palisades / West Los Angeles

Genius in Healthcare

Don't settle for a service less than the absolute best!
You should look no further than
Santa Monica Medical Plaza Pharmacy and Compounding!

CALL NOW : 310-393-6767


At Santa Monica Medical Plaza Pharmacy; you are more than just a patient, we go out our way to build a relationship with our clients and make sure you receive a fast, friendly and outstanding customer service you deserve. In addition to traditional medications, we also provide compounded medications to meet the needs of clients and their pets who require prescriptions that are not commercially available. We look forward to seeing you in our pharmacy.


Our dedicated Pharmacists are available to answer any questions you may have during store hours at 310-393-6767


Would you like to have medications tailored to meet your specific needs? talk to your doctor to prescribe a compounded medication that is made just for you, so you wont be bound to the strengths or drugs that are commercially available.


You don't have to settle for a large corporation long lines and unacceptable wait time, have us transfer your prescriptions and we will have them ready for you in no time and pic-up with our friendly staff without waiting in long lines

Rx ready and delivered to your door-step

Cant remember to order refills? don't feel like walking or driving? Most people are so busy taking care of others, that they may forget to order their meds or remember last min that they are out of refills. We have a solution for you. We can Automatically refill your prescriptions for you, call your doctor when you are out of refills and call to remind you when they are ready for pic-up or have them mailed to you. ask our friendly staff about ***Auto-refill*** and ***Mail away***



Feel free to ask our Pharmacists for a recommendation to help you find a doctor that treats you well. Even if you don't live in Santa Monica, we can help you find a doctor near you.

What is Compounding?

Let's face it not everyone is satisfied with commercial drugs. The art and science of compounding is making medications from raw powders to provide the exact dosage and route of administration that is needed by the patient or suggested by the prescriber.

Types of Compounds

There are many types of Therapies that require a custom made medications such as: - Allergies to specific components of a drug - PET medications - Pain Management - Anti-aging or General Skin health - Pediatric medication - Alternative routes of Administrations - Flavored medications


Pharmacist in Charge

Mouiz Kohan

Problem Solver

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Pharmacy Manager

Our in house Compounding Expert

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Customer service

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What our clients think about the pharmacy ?

Recent Comments

"Suong N." wrote: This pharmacy is awesome.The people at the pharmacy make the pharmacy MAJESTIC. " Michael V." wrote: Friendly people good service great location. There was attention to detail the wait was not that long and they had some nice things in their store. " Manager L." wrote: I am always skeptical about new ownership in places like this, a small private pharmacy. I have been very pleased that the new owner has kept up the same excellent service. He as brought in many improvements too, for example, they now feature cold beverages and an ATM. The staff is super helpful and friendly. They are always able to help me with what I am looking for, even if I'm not sure what that is myself! Prescriptions here are affordable (they work with your insurance) and promptly filled. "John K" wrote: Santa Monica Medical Plaza Pharmacy is very conveniently located in the same building as my doctor's office. I don't have to make an extra trip to a pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled. But more importantly, the staff is very friendly, courteous, and efficient. Also, there are no long lines like those at the major chain pharmacies, and prescriptions are filled quickly. I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes - it's usually less. I highly recommend this pharmacy.


We serve People from all walks of life ordinary or celebrity and make sure everyone leaves our pharmacy with a smile on their face


We offer - Traditional pharmaceuticals as well as compounded prescriptions - Over the counter Items -Gifts, Custom Jewelry -Shipping, Specialty Medication


Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or use below comment form to let us know of any comments, suggestions, complaints or any other matter that requires our attention.

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Monday - Friday 09:00 am - 06:00 pm


Pharmacy Location

***Santa Monica Medical Plaza Pharmacy*** 1260 15th Street, Suite 100, Santa Monica CA 90404

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